2020 UKFS Muay Thai League

2020 UKFS Muay Thai League




In the short time UK Fight Scene has been around we have formed amazing relationships with many different organisations and people within the sport. We are doing this properly, travelling up and down the country every week to reveal every corner of Muay Thai and K1 in the UK.
The sole purpose of UK Fight Scene is to work closely with show promoters and for the fans and fighters. Compiling an up to date rankings system is a lot of work and a thankless task which Steven Broome has undertaken amazingly for many years – but we have now decided to put together our own rankings called the Muay Thai League. Rankings that will work a little differently but represent who we are and what we do. We want to use a system that demonstrates exactly what is going on today to help active fighters, relevant match-ups and the fight shows and scene to grow.
The League is based on three key aspects:
1. A point system made up of wins (decision, TKO, etc), losses and draws
2. How active a fighter is and when they last fought
3. Who they have beaten and what challengers have they faced
To give you an example, let’s say 2 active fighters fight each other and Fighter A wins. He goes to number 1 whilst Fighter B becomes number 2. But in the next 12 months Fighter A doesn’t fight, or he doesn’t fight in the UK. But Fighter B remains active, has 4 more fights and gains enough points to be above any other fighter in that category, he would regain his number 1 spot even though Fighter A previously beat him.
Let’s be honest, how can you say Fighter B is even the same fighter after 12 months of training and fighting. If Fighter A wants to prove he still deserves that number 1 place, he needs to fight him again or at least actively compete on the UK Fight Scene.
These League-Rankings are meant to be informative and encourage exciting matches for fighters at every level. This is why we also include B Class and C Class fighters and will eventually have a full list of 10 within each in every weight category as well. These are not ‘Hall of Fame’ style rankings where historical favourites dominate the top spots for years. If you haven’t fought in the UK for 12 months, you will be dropped from the UK Fight Scene League.
We film a large quantity of shows, and we are using this access to our advantage. By being completely neutral and treating all shows and fights as equal, we are encouraging the sport to grow. We want fighters to fight for their place and visualise a clear and obtainable path to the top – while not fighting ultimately means retirement.
We have only just begun to compile these lists, based on results from February 2018 forwards so please bear with us. We have still included some of the more well-known fighters for now but these will be updated weekly as we get new information and results from the shows we film.
If you have information on fighters you believe should be included or you think should be placed differently then please send us an email with as much information as possible (name, gym, dates fought, wins, losses by decision, TKO, weight fought at, A Class, B Class, C Class, etc) to – we do our best to keep up with every show, even the ones we are not filming, but there is likely to be some we miss so your help is appreciated.
Fighters that are already listed – if you would like to have a full profile featured on our website please get in touch with any images you would like to see as well as your fight record and we will get that added to our website.