Terms of Service for Promoters and Organisers

Our team at UK Fight Scene/UK Grapple Scene is very excited to work with you on helping to promote your event and capture the action that take place on the day. 


We will work with you as a team, to help improve the way your event is marketed and experienced by the audience, fighters, competitors, general  public and ultimately FANS OF THE SPORT.


What we will do for you

We will create an Event page for your event before the day which will link to any event pages you have set up externally. Whether that be your own website or a Facebook page, etc.


We will clearly display date, venue and ticket information (complete with Google Map) so that our website visitors can easily plan to attend your event and purchase tickets. We will also include as much extra content as we can (taken from your fight poster, social media pages, etc..) to ensure your show sounds exciting to visitors of our site.


After the day of the event, we will wait 2 weeks before uploading the video footage to the secure pages of our website. Only paying members can view the videos. This means that there will still be reason to experience the event in-person but the fighters/competitors will be able to re-live their moments after. And the event will be documented as part of the ongoing UK Fight Scene/UK Grapple Scene.

Promoters will be granted free access to view these embedded videos as well as videos from other national fight shows whenever they like. 


We will work with event promoters on releasing fight video content to the public in marketing material as much as we can. Should you require our footage in advertising for the future we can produce highlight videos or clips of full fights (not entire fights) to be released online through your media outlets as long as we are fully credited. (Website logo visible in corner of the video and our handles tagged in any Social Media posts). We do not produce any official print or still-image marketing as of yet.


What we require from you

Allow us to share any imagery you have produced to market your show on our website. This could include fight posters, vs posters and other relevant material. We will only change the imagery to suit the dimensions of our website’s templates if we have to.


On the day of your event allow 1-3 members of the UK Fight Scene/UK Grapple Scene Team free access into the room/area which holds the ring/cage/mats and free range to set up as many tripods as needed complete with GoPro cameras to film the evening’s events including junior fights, amateur fights and pro fights. The GoPro will be set up with a straight on view to the ring or on a table for a cage.


For ring-sports, our team will require a print out of the Running Order / Fight Card of the event to keep track of winners and via — so that the results can be posted on our website the next day.


Please also allow them to take still photos of the event also to be featured on our website and in marketing content for the UK Fight Scene/UK Grapple Scene website and future shows. They will also post a few short, live posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the night (but will tag your page/event whenever possible).


We are to be the sole producer and distributor of video content from your show including full fights, highlight reels, etc unless agreed otherwise.

We control the rights of all media produced with our GoPro cameras and other equipment and the sharing of said content.


By allowing us to film your event you are accepting these terms…